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NDS has a central spot in the Oxfordshire Science Festival with a stall on Broad Street in Oxford city centre on 25 June. We will be showcasing our multi-disciplinary department through interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities that will appeal to children and adults of all educational backgrounds.


Learn more about the research that takes place in the department and discover what surgical sciences is all about!

  • Come and try your hand at giant operation and see how quickly you can remove a patient’s organs without making a fatal mistake.
  • Have a look at some 3D printed bones and peer down the microscope to see what your bones are made of, and how they can be affected by cancer.
  • Learn more about organ transplantation, and have a go at piecing together a human anatomy model containing the vital organs of the body.
  • Meet our research nurses and clinical trials team to find out more about the medical trials going on in the department.
  • Finally, be amazed by the beautiful illustrations provided by the year 6 children of Oxfordshire depicting what science and surgery means to them.

View the Oxfordshire Science Festival 2016 programme.