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'Artificial Intelligence in Imaging: Running before we can walk?'


Professor Fergus GleesonProfessor Fergus Gleeson is a Consultant Radiologist and Professor of Radiology in Oxford. He trained in Cambridge, Papworth and London, and was a Fellow in Radiology at UCLA in America. He was appointed to Oxford in 1992, and is the Director of the Oxford Radiology Research Unit at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He is a past President of the European Society of Thoracic Imaging, and has published over 200 peer review papers and book chapters, has a h-index of 62, and currently has more than £30 million in grant income. He is the PI for IDEAL and DART, two multicentre studies investigating the use of Artificial Intelligence in pulmonary nodules and lung cancer, and the PI for EXPLAIN, a multicentre study investigating Long COVID using hyperpolarised Xenon MRI. His specialist interests are in Artificial Intelligence, Thoracic Imaging, PET-CT and Hyperpolarized xenon MRI. He is also the Chief Medical Officer of the National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging (NCIMI): which aims to bring together the NHS, and University and industry partners to promote the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in medicine.



Chair: Associate Professor James FitzGerald  

All members of the University and NHS clinical staff are welcome.

Please email Louise King if you would like to attend online.