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'Surgical management survey in 110 hospitals and related clinical studies'


Professor Jiong Wu, Distinguished Professor of Fudan University and Ph.D. supervisor, obtained M.D. degree from Shanghai Medical School, Fudan University (Former Shanghai Medical University) in 1998. He presently serves as Vice President of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center; Vice Chairman of Breast Cancer Society, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association; Chairman of Breast Cancer Society, Shanghai Anti-Cancer Association; Vice Chairman of Tumor Targeted Therapy Committee, Shanghai Medical Association. Prof. Wu was academic visitor for breast cancer basic research at UCLA in 1998 supporting by UICC ICRETT fund. He also had an opportunity for professional development of stage I breast reconstruction at M.D. Anderson Center (Texas, Houston, USA) in 2004. He has published nearly 200 papers about breast cancer research, and over 60 of which is included by SCI acting as the first author or corresponding author. Prof. Wu has been awarded with National Prize of Science and Technology Progress, Grade II (clinical and basic research of breast cancer); Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Shanghai Government, Grade II and III; He hosted and actualized in over 10 key research projects including National Natural Science Foundation, 973 Project, China-EU Collaboration Project and other provincial or ministerial projects.

Research Focus:

Professor Wu engages in clinical and basic research for breast cancer. His researches mainly focus on susceptibility marker (gene, mi-RNA etc.) of breast cancer early diagnosis, prognosis and predictive of therapy response and new technology of breast surgery such as sentinel lymph node biopsy, breast reconstruction and onco-plastic surgery.


Chair: Professor Freddie Hamdy

All members of the University and NHS clinical staff are welcome.


Please email Odette Dawkins if you would like to attend.