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'Personalised External Aortic Root Support: the Oxford experience'


Renata GrecoMiss Renata Greco is the Senior Aortic Fellow for the Complex Aortic Surgery Team at the Oxford Heart Centre. In the last three years, she worked as a senior registrar for Prof Westaby, Mr Petrou and the Oxford Aortic Team. She contributed in developing Mr Petrou’s complex aortic programme, the Complex Aortic MDT, the sutureless aortic valve programme and in research projects on clinical outcomes of re-do aortic surgery, aortic valve repair and PEARS procedures.

In 2010 she completed the Italian national training program in cardiac surgery and in May 2018 she has been awarded a European PhD in Innovative Technology and Medical Engineering for Surgery at Tor Vergata Rome University with a thesis on clinical outcomes of Personalised Aortic Root Support, in collaboration with the Oxford University Hospital.

In Rome she trained with Prof De Paulis’ team, in a well-known Italian aortic unit, regional hub for dissection and specialised in valve sparing procedures. From January 2011 to October 2015 she worked as Specialty Doctor at the Sheffield Teaching Hospital, including a 6 month period of training within Mr Hunter’s mini-access mitral valve and atrial fibrillation surgery program.

She has collaborated in formal teaching activities with the Oxford, Sheffield and Tor Vergata Rome Universities. Her main interest and passion is for aortic surgery and she is dedicated to encouraging the role of women in cardiac surgery.


Chair: Professor Freddie Hamdy

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