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'Discoveries in plastic surgery: A personal journey of expanding horizons'


Professor Seng-Feng JengSeng-Feng Jeng, MD, FACS, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Taiwan, has dedicated to the advancement of microsurgery for his 30 plus years of service. He maintained an internationally renowned surgical Train-the-Trainer Fellowship in Taiwan and led charitable missions for microsurgery throughout strategic urban and remote locations in Vietnam over the past two decades. 

Following the completion of his plastic surgery residency, Dr. Jeng was selected to join a highly prestigious and competitive fellowship and trained by Dr. Fu-Chan Wei, a renown microsurgeon. Driven by the continuous desire for professional excellence, he further obtained board certification and fellowship from the American College of Surgeons, professorship in surgery, maintained membership to international plastic surgery organizations, and received a wide array of honors and awards throughout his career. He received ACS/Pfizer international volunteerism Award 2021.

While maintaining a well-established hospital-based reconstructive practice, Dr. Jeng readily shared his clinical expertise both at home and abroad. He maintained a fellowship program in Taiwan and trained more than 50 microsurgeons from developing countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Nepal, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Colombia, and Panama. By invitation, he was also a medical school Visiting Professor in the United States at South Illinois University, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, University of California - San Diego, University of California - Davis, and Mayo Clinic.

Through partnership with Operation Smile Vietnam and collaboration with local hospitals spanning form Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Jeng routinely led teams of medical and administrative staff from Taiwan to help deliver complex reconstructive surgical services in Vietnam. This included: 1) reconstruction of cleft lip/palate and facial deformities, 2) the release of burn scar and traumatised limb and subsequent reconstruction, 3) free fibular flap to restore bone tumor of the mandible, 4) reconstruction of head and neck cancer patients. Dr. Jeng coordinated and helped share the implementation of Safety and Patient care Standards between the Taiwanese and Vietnamese medical leadership. As an advisor to the Vietnamese Surgical Standards Workshop, Dr. Jeng helped establish the Quality Standards for Safe Surgery for adoption by Vietnam as the benchmark of standard compliance for all hospitals in the country. 

Collaborated with BFRIST, Dr. Jeng had trained Dr. Bishal Karki, from Nepal and in 2018-2019, and Dr. Abdurezak Ali from Ethiopia in 2022, for one year advanced training of microsurgery in E Da Hospital, Kaohsiung Taiwan. This train the trainer program is to welcome to those surgeons who are brilliant, committed and hardworking and wish to serve their own country after the training.


All members of the University and NHS clinical staff are welcome.

Please email Louise King if you would like to attend.