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Tingewick firm are delighted to invite you to the Tingewick Pantomime 2018: Shrektococcus - Lord of the UTIs


When an unknown disease turns all of the patients in the JR green, clinical staff quickly lose control of the situation and pin all of the blame on Shrek, an innocent medical student.

Who would want to wreak such havoc? Will the OUH staff ever pull themselves together? How is singing about it every five minutes going to help? It falls to Shrek and his new friend Donkey to answer all of these questions, and it’s only their first week on the wards!


Join us for the infamous Tingewick Charity Pantomime, written and performed by medical students and set in the JR. All donations and proceeds on the night go to our two fantastic charities: Medecins Sans Frontieres and South Oxfordshire Food and Education Alliance! Last year's show raised nearly £20,000, an amazing total and one we're only hoping to build on! It's an all-singing, all-dancing production, with characters ranging from the talented and famous to the perhaps less talented, but nonetheless infamous, consultants and staff that roam the hospitals.


WHEN: Four nights, Wednesday 21 - Saturday 24 November, 7pm


Tickets will be available from Thursday 1 November at 7pm from here:

They’re absolutely free (!) but you must get them online when they become available, as they have been known to sell out pretty quickly, often within 24 hours.


The trailer for the pantomime is here: