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UCB’s Technology Platform Access Programme gives academics and other researchers a unique opportunity to discover and develop novel antibodies against potential therapeutic targets. The state-of-the-art antibody discovery platform employs a novel high-throughput B cell culture screening method and bespoke automation to facilitate the discovery of rare antibodies with desirable characteristics. This large investment has expanded UCB’s capacity and enabled them to allow academic researchers access to these capabilities.

If you are working on targets that can be modulated by antibodies, UCB would like to explore a possible collaboration. Expressions of interest are encouraged in a range of therapeutic areas including but not limited to inflammation and autoimmunity, CNS disorders, fibrosis and metabolic disease, as well as for targets that may benefit multiple therapeutic areas.

Oxford Academic Dr Hannah Chen will give us her insight of collaborating with UCB in utilising the platform.

A networking lunch will be provided after the seminar.

Click this link for registration on eventbrite

If you would like to arrange a meeting with Win-Yan after the seminar, please contact Charlotte Bell, Industry Partnerships Manager -