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St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford

You are invited to attend the 2nd UK Fertility Preservation Conference that will be held on 14 September 2018 at St. Anne’s College at the University of Oxford. This meeting follows on from the 1st highly successful meeting in Edinburgh in 2017.

Oxford is home to The Future Fertility Trust which provides a comprehensive tissue cryopreservation service for girls and boys alongside a dynamic research programme and is hosting the 2nd UK Fertility Preservation Conference.

This conference will provide a diverse and rewarding scientific programme with a focus on recent advances in fertility preservation for girls, boys, women and men, as well as including highly topical aspects of fertility preservation for non-malignant conditions. There will be national and international speakers who are experts in their fields and will discuss the latest research and key developments.

By attending this conference, you will have the opportunity to interact and network with colleagues in the field to generate significant and positive impacts in fertility preservation.

The conference will be preceded by a free Public Lecture “Fertility on ice: fertility preservation for adults and children” on Thursday 13 September 2018 at 5pm-6pm. The speakers are Prof. Allan Pacey MBE  (a well-known voice in the media who regularly discusses issues relating to fertility on the television and radio) and Prof. Suzannah Williams. Prof. Pacey is an expert in male fertility preservation whereas Prof. William’s area of expertise is female fertility preservation. The free Public Lecture will take place at the Examination School, High Street, Oxford.

This is an excellent and exciting opportunity and we believe that all participants will benefit from attending. Involvement in the event will make a significant, positive impact on the future of fertility preservation.

CME points have been applied for.

To register attendance for either the Public Lecture on 13 September OR for the Conference on 14 September (or both), please follow the link below: