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To mark University Mental Health Day, we are running some fun and informative events to help promote the benefits of physical health with mental wellbeing. The events are free, and aimed at NDS staff and students.


The following NDS events will be on offer at the John Radcliffe Hospital:

Yoga for the office

10.30-10.50am, NDS Seminar Room

Give yourself an energy boost and focus your mind for the day ahead with a simple yoga routine. You will learn a sequence of yoga stretches to relieve stress and increase flexibility, which you’ll be able to do at your desk anytime. The poses will be practiced sitting on a chair and standing up. Please email Louise King to book your place.

Table tennis

11.00am-5.00pm, NDS Seminar Room

Get active with a game or two of table tennis! A tournament will held throughout the day in the NDS Seminar Room. Win a game and win a point. The person with the most points at the end of the day will win a prize. Or borrow the gear and take advantage of the two table tennis tables on the JR grounds.


Wellbeing walk


Got a Fitbit? Need more steps in your day? Then join us for a lunchtime stroll around Bury Knowle Park and walk your way toward better physical health and mental wellbeing! Meet Lisa Hughes at the main entrance of the JR Hospital (outside M&S) at 12.30pm. Non-Fitbit users welcome too! You may like to bring your own lunch to eat in the NDS Seminar Room afterwards.


The following NDS events are taking place at the Botnar Research Centre:

Inspirational talk

“The mental health benefits of volunteering”

by Claire Thomson, SITU

13:30-14:00, Room G54, Botnar

An informal talk about personal volunteering experiences and the benefits they can bring. Please book via Eventbrite.


Mental Health Tree

First floor coffee room, Botnar

Contribute your ideas on what you do to look after your mind.



Free lunchtime talk

“The Consolation of Solitary Sports: Running and Mental Health”

by Student Welfare and Support Services

12:45-13:45, Saïd Business School

Please register via Eventbrite.