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The funding of a full scholarship for one surgeon to complete the MSc in Surgical Science and Practice has been made possible by Nuffield Health, The Manor Hospital Oxford.

The scholarship is aimed at senior trainees or new Consultants in Orthopaedic, Neurosurgical or Cardiovascular and is open to applicants based in the UK.

The MSc in Surgical Science and Practice is offered as the result of a partnership between the University's Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences and the Department for Continuing Education. The course offers senior surgical trainees a chance to acquire skills and knowledge not currently represented in most postgraduate training curricula.

The course also gives students the chance to work with others attending high-level healthcare programmes at the University.

Nuffield Health, The Manor Hospital Oxford, will fund the full scholarship of £21,362, covering tuition fees of £16,695 (assumes completion within two years) and a maintenance allowance for travel, accommodation, books and other incidentals.

Mr Peter McCulloch, Reader in Surgery at the University of Oxford said: 'I am delighted by the forward looking and generous initiative taken by Nuffield Health in funding this scholarship. There is an urgent need to provide the surgical leaders of tomorrow with the range of non-technical skills they will require in a rapidly changing UK healthcare environment.'

The part-time course, set over two years, comprises six intensive week-long modules taught in Oxford (each with a written assignment), followed by a final dissertation. Access to Oxford's electronic resources and a virtual learning environment provide between-module support.

The current module list comprises:

  • Becoming a Medical Educator
  • Human Factors, Teamwork and Communication
  • Introduction to Surgical Management and Leadership
  • Quality Improvement Science and Systems Analysis
  • Surgical Technology and Robotics
  • The Practice of Evidence-Based HealthCare (Surgery)

Any individuals fitting the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • Must be ordinarily resident in the UK
  • Must be a practising surgical consultant
  • Must specialise in orthopaedics, cardiovascular surgery or neurosurgery

The scholar will be selected by the University of Oxford, based on academic ability and potential.

For more information on the scholarship, please email:

For information about the MSc in Surgical Science and Practice, please see: