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This year’s winner of the prestigious Giovanni Maria Lancisi Award is Dr Pierfrancesco Lapolla Losasso, DPhil candidate at Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS), presenting the research project 'Combined physiological and biochemical approach for the prediction of abdominal aortic aneurysm growth in humans' conducted through the OxAAA study.

Pierfrancesco Lapolla Losasso

Pierfrancesco undertook this research project while studying full-time as a medical student at Sapienza University. He secured a succession of Erasmus scholarship In order to pursue this research with the OxAAA study at NDS.

This prestigious national award is conferred annually by the first Italian medical academy, Accademia Lancisiana, to the five best medical graduates among all roman universities for their final year research project. The award consists of a parchment certificate, free membership to the Lancisiana Academy, publication of the project in the journal Atti della Accademia Lancisiana and presentation of the research at the Lancisiana Academy which took place on 12 April 2022. This event was sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Giovanni Maria LancisiThe Accademia Lancisiana is one of the oldest and most prestigious European scientific institutions, located at Palazzo del Commendatore, via Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome, near the Vatican. It was founded in 1715 by Giovanni Maria Lancisi, an Italian physician, epidemiologist, and anatomist who made a correlation between the presence of mosquitoes and the prevalence of malaria. He was also known for his studies about cardiovascular diseases, an examination of the corpus callosum of the brain, and is remembered in the eponymous Lancisi’s sign (clinical sign in which a large venous wave, or Giant V wave, is visible in the jugular vein in patients with tricuspid regurgitation). Accademia Lancisiana aims to promote medical and scientific research by fostering the debate with conferences and conventions on topics of the present time in medical, surgical, and specialistic fields. The President of the Academy congratulated Pierfrancesco on this important prize and wished him good luck for his future research.

Pierfrancesco is currently a proud recipient of the Clarendon Scatcherd Scholarship.