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Dr Amy Cross and Dr Sarah Short from the Transplantation Research Immunology Group at NDS have both enjoyed award success at the 2023 International Transplantation Science Meeting (ITS 2023).

Sarah Short and Amy Cross
From L-R: Sarah Short and Amy Cross

Held from 30 April to 3 May in Niagara-on-the-Lake in Canada, ITS 2023 provided a forum for presentations and discussions of cutting-edge basic and translational science in and beyond transplantation. 

Dr Amy Cross, who is a Postdoctoral Scientist, received a TTS Scientific Congress Award from The Transplantation Society for her research ‘Iron availability alters immune responses after allogenic skin transplantation’. 

While Dr Sarah Short, a DPhil student, won a Women in Transplantation Scientific Congress Award for her presentation entitled, ‘A spatially resolved analysis of immune responses within rejecting skin grafts from humanised mice, with and without low dose Treg treatment’.

Awardees were selected based upon the abstract's degree of excellence (top score), as determined by the ITS Scientific Program Committee and experts in the field.

Further details about the meeting and the awards are available on the ITS 2023 website.