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On the 24 March 2015, the Patient Safety Academy (PSA) hosted a workshop to share knowledge and experiences on patient safety from the UK and USA.

Susan Moffatt-Bruce, Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, shared her experiences of patient safety, and the major improvements they had achieved in her hospital. She talked about the importance of Human Factors in healthcare in the USA, as well as the challenges of a growing number of patient safety indicators to measure performance which were linked to financial rewards or penalties. She also discussed the growing importance of patient experiences in measuring patient safety. Staff from the PSA talked about recent research and improvement work including the findings from the Safer Delivery of Surgical Services research programme.  Mike Puttick, Consultant Surgeon at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust talked about the support the PSA had provided to a number of ongoing improvement projects on the management of right iliac fossa pain and appendicitis. The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for sharing knowledge and ideas on ways to improve patient safety

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