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Donor kidney assessment may improve organ utilisation. Normothermic Machine Perfusion (NMP) has the potential to facilitate this advance. The mechanism of action is not yet determined and we aimed to assess mitochondrial function during NMP. Anaesthetised pigs (n = 6) had one kidney clamped for 60 min. The healthy contralateral kidney was removed and underwent NMP for 8 h (healthy control (HC), n = 6). Following 60 min warm ischaemia the injured kidney underwent HMP for 24 h, followed by NMP for 8 h (n = 6). Mitochondria were extracted from fresh tissue for analysis. Injured kidneys were analysed as two separate groups (IMa, n = 3 and IMb, n = 3). Renal resistance was higher (0.39ï, ± 0.29 vs. 1.65ï, ± 0.85; p = 0.01) and flow was lower (55ï, ± 28 vs. 7ï, ± 4; p = 0.03) during HMP in IMb than IMa. NMP blood flow was higher in IMa versus IMb (2-way ANOVA; p < 0.001) After 60 min NMP, O2 consumption was significantly lower in IMb versus IMa (p ≤ 0.002). State-3 respiration was significantly different between the groups (37ï, ± 19 vs. 24ï, ± 14 vs. 10ï, ± 8; nmolO2/min/mg; p = 0.049). Lactate levels were significantly lower in IMa versus IMb (p = 0.028). Mitochondrial respiration levels during NMP may be suggestive of kidney viability. Oxygen consumption, renal blood flow and lactate can differentiate severity of kidney injury during NMP.

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Transpl Int

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ischemia/reperfusion injury, kidney, mitochondria, normothermic machine perfusion, preservation, Animals, Humans, Kidney, Lactates, Mitochondria, Organ Preservation, Oxygen Consumption, Perfusion, Swine, Tissue Survival