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Especially in damaged organs, adequate organ preservation is critically important to maintain viability. Institut Georges Lopez-1 (IGL-1) is a new preservation solution, with an extracellular sodium/potassium ratio and polyethylene glycol as a colloid. The influence of warm and cold ischemia was evaluated in a rat Lewis-Lewis transplant model with a follow up of 14 days. Eight groups of donation after cardiac death donor kidneys were studied with warm ischemia of 0 and 15 min followed by 0- or 24-h cold storage (CS) preservation in IGL-1 or UW-CSS. Blood was collected daily during the first week and at day 14. Recipients were placed in metabolic cages at day 4 and 14 after transplantation allowing urine collection and adequate measurement of glomerular filtration rate. Focussing on inflammation, reactive oxygen species production, proximal tubule damage, proteinuria, histology, and renal function after transplantation we could not show any relevant difference between IGL-1 and UW-CSS. Furthermore, the combination of 15-min warm ischemia and by 24-h cold ischemia did not result in life sustaining kidney function after transplantation, irrespective of the used solution. In the present experiment, static CS preservation of ischemically damaged rat kidneys in either IGL-1 or UW-CSS rendered equal results after transplantation.

Original publication




Journal article


Transpl Int

Publication Date





473 - 482


Adenosine, Allopurinol, Animals, Cold Temperature, Glomerular Filtration Rate, Glutathione, Insulin, Ischemia, Kidney, Kidney Transplantation, Kidney Tubules, Proximal, Male, Organ Preservation, Organ Preservation Solutions, Proteinuria, Raffinose, Rats, Rats, Inbred Lew, Reactive Oxygen Species