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OBJECTIVE: To investigate the value of in situ preservation and ex vivo evaluation of lungs from a non-heart-beating donor (NHBD) prior to long-term cold storage. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA: The use of pulmonary grafts from NHBD might alleviate the organ shortage. However, viability testing of these grafts is mandatory to transplant only those lungs with excellent function. METHODS: Pigs were divided into two groups. In the control group, lungs were flushed, explanted, and stored for 4 hours (4 degrees C). In the study group, pigs were killed and left untouched for 90 minutes. Thereafter, the lungs were cooled for 150 minutes via chest drains. Graft function of the left lung in both groups was assessed in an isolated ventilation and reperfusion circuit 4 hours after death. The lung was then cooled and stored. Twenty-four hours after death, the pulmonary graft was reassessed in the same model. RESULTS: We did not observe a statistical significant difference between the two groups in pulmonary vascular resistance, mean airway pressure, and partial oxygen tension at each time point. There was also no statistical significant difference in wet-to-dry weight ratio. Finally, no statistical difference was found within both groups comparing the assessment at 24 hours with the interim evaluation at 4 hours. CONCLUSIONS: These data demonstrate that: 1) 90 minutes of warm ischemia and 150 minutes of intrapleural cooling do not affect pulmonary graft function; and 2) NHBD lungs can be safely preserved up to 24 hours. Finally, we have demonstrated that interim ex vivo evaluation of NHBD lungs is a valid and safe method to assess graft function.

Original publication




Journal article


Ann Surg

Publication Date





782 - 792


Animals, Ischemic Preconditioning, Lung Transplantation, Organ Preservation, Swine, Temperature, Time Factors