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Introduction: Trauma is a major problem which has a significant health, social, and economic impact. Particularly, pediatric trauma carries substantial mortality and morbidity. This is a great concern for subspecialized general and pediatric surgeons. Therefore, a global initiative for pediatric trauma care is warranted and should be initiated. Aim: The international association “Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery” (GICS) would like to propose and organize a children’s trauma care (CTC) initiative. This initiative should comprehensively address pediatric trauma management globally, especially in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The initiative seeks to achieve a structured cooperation and collaboration with respective sister organizations and local stakeholders. Methods: The initiative will address these relevant aspects: 1. first aid; 2. prehospital primary trauma care; 3. hospital primary trauma care; 4. advanced care (ATLS); 5. diagnostic facilities; 6. operation room (OR) equipment; 7. specialized surgical services; 8. rehabilitation; 9. registry, research, and auditing; 10. specialization in pediatric trauma; 11. capacity and confidence building in pediatric trauma; 12. prevention. The GICS CTC provided activities have been recorded and evaluated in a structured manner. This statement paper is based on data of a narrative review as well as expert opinions. Results: The Trauma Working Group of GICS provided specialized trauma prevention leaflets available for translation to different languages. A one-day children’s primary trauma course has been designed to be delivered at the physical GICS meetings. Exercising advocacy, the group addressed several meetings on prevention of pediatric trauma, which included the 75th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) (2020), GICS IVth meeting in Johannesburg (2020), Norwich (UK) Joint SPRINT Symposium on Pediatric Surgery for Pediatricians (2021), the second online Pan African Pediatric Surgical Association (PAPSA) meeting (2021), the seventh World Congress of the World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons (WOFAPS) in Prague (2022), and GICS pediatric trauma webinar (2023). Additionally, the working group participated in the preparations of a pediatric trauma module for the World Health Organization (WHO) and published several related studies. The contents of the selected articles added relevant information to the categories stated above. Conclusions: The CTC initiative of GICS is proposed as a mean to address pediatric trauma comprehensively through a process of collaboration and advocacy with existing organizations to achieve awareness, health education, prevention, health, and training. Further, it will support the provision of suitable facilities to health institutions. The establishment of a specialization in pediatric trauma is encouraged. GICS CTC initiative aims to improve pediatric trauma care in LMICs by developing injury prevention strategies; optimizing the use of locally available resources; obtaining commitment by LMICs governments; improvement in all fields of hospital care; improvements in infrastructure, education and training, and attention to data registry and research.

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trauma, specialization, global children’s surgery