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OBJECTIVE: •  To investigate orgasmic outcomes in patients undergoing robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RALP) and the effects of age and nerve sparing on these outcomes. PATIENTS AND METHODS: •  Between January 2005 and June 2007, 708 patients underwent RALP at our institution. •  We analysed postoperative potency and orgasmic outcomes in the 408 men, of the 708, who were potent, able to achieve orgasm preoperatively and available for follow-up. RESULTS: •  Of men aged ≤60 years, 88.4% (198/224) were able to achieve orgasm postoperatively in comparison to 82.6% (152/184) of older men (P < 0.001). •  Of patients who received bilateral nerve sparing (BNS) during surgery, 273/301 (90.7%) were able to achieve orgasm postoperatively compared with 46/56 (82.1%) patients who received unilateral nerve sparing and 31/51 (60.8%) men who received non-nerve-sparing surgery (P < 0.001). •  In men ≤60 years who also underwent BNS, decreased sensation of orgasm was present in 3.2% of men, and postoperative orgasmic rates were significantly better than men ≤60 years who underwent unilateral or no nerve sparing (92.9% vs 83.3% vs 65.4%, respectively; P < 0.001). •  Potency rates were also significantly higher in men ≤60 years and in those who underwent BNS. CONCLUSIONS: •  Age and nerve sparing influence recovery of orgasm and erectile function after RALP. •  Men ≤60 years old and those who undergo BNS are most likely to maintain normal sexual function.

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596 - 602


Aged, Erectile Dysfunction, Humans, Laparoscopy, Male, Middle Aged, Organ Sparing Treatments, Orgasm, Postoperative Complications, Prostatectomy, Prostatic Neoplasms, Recovery of Function, Robotics, Trauma, Nervous System