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In this study, we demonstrate a new protein microarray technology for highly sensitive detection of PSA (prostate caser specific antigen) in scrum samples. Using the optically active sol-gel nanocomposites, which can hold capturing probes in native and surface morphology tailored porous silicon, purified PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) in human female serum was assessed by FlTC-antiPSA in broad dynamic range of the sandwich (1 pg/mL to Ing/mL). Additionally, we tested reverse phase assay using our developed system, which purified PSA imbedded in sol-gel and FITC labeled its counter antibody was accessed. Dynamic range was 60 fg/mL to 6ng/mL. Our concept can allow the measurement oflow amount of PSA at pg/ml range and thus, it is possible to do relative quantification for marker protein as well.


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800 - 802