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Past works on personality detection has shown that psycho-linguistic features, frequency based analysis at lexical level, emotive words and other lexical clues such as number of first person or second person words carry major role to identify personality associated with the text. In this work, we propose a new architecture for the same task using common sense knowledge with associated sentiment polarity and affective labels. To extract the common sense knowledge with sentiment polarity scores and affective labels we used Senticnet which is one of the most useful resources for opinion mining and sentiment analysis. In particular, we combined common sense knowledge based features with phycho-linguistic features and frequency based features and later the features were employed in supervised classifiers. We designed five SMO based supervised classifiers for five personality traits. We observe that the use of common sense knowledge with affective and sentiment information enhances the accuracy of the existing frameworks which use only psycho-linguistic features and frequency based analysis at lexical level. © Springer-Verlag 2013.

Original publication




Conference paper

Publication Date



8266 LNAI


484 - 496