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Introduction: Shared decision-making is now considered an integral part of gaining patients' informed consent for most urological surgery. Following our experience with patient information booklets we describe the development of an interactive CD-ROM information package developed at the Royal College of Surgeons of England for men with lower urinary tract symptoms. Methods: Still photography, animation, video sequences and three-dimensional computer graphics were used in addition to text and voice-over to convey concepts related to anatomy, physiology and pathology. Decision-making algorithms were provided with self-scoring facilities for assessing symptom severity, risk attitudes and treatment preferences. Probability data are presented using 'odds' (e.g. 33% is represented as 'three out of 10 men'). Results: A CD-ROM was developed, using multi-disciplinary expertise, which may be suitable for use in primary- or secondarycare settings for men with lower urinary tract disorders. It can be used for information gathering alone or as an aid to decision-making. Although initially it will be used by urologists, it is intended that it will be distributed free of charge to other physicians once piloting has been completed. Conclusion: Unlike written patient information, a CD-ROM format enables the patient to control the content of information and the depth and pace at which the information is conveyed. Studies are in place to see whether other benefits become evident. © 1997 British Journal of Urology.


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British Journal of Urology

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