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This study aimed to evaluate a 50:50 mix of perfluorohexyloctane/polydimethylsiloxane 5 (F6H8S5) preservation of pancreases in a clinical setting compared with standard solutions for 1) cold ischemia time (CIT) 10 h and 2) an extended CIT 20 h. Procured clinical-grade pancreases were shipped in either F6H8S5 or in standard preservation solutions, that is, University of Wisconsin (UW) or Custodiol. F6H5S5 was preoxygenated for at least 15 min. Included clinical-grade pancreases were procured in UW or Custodiol. Upon arrival at the islet isolation laboratory, the duodenum was removed followed by rough trimming while F6H8S5 was oxygenated for 1520 min. Trimmed pancreases were immersed into oxygenated F6H8S5 and stored at 4C overnight followed by subsequent islet isolation. Pancreas preservation using F6H8S5 proved as effective as UW and Custadiol when used within CIT up to 10 h, in terms of both isolation outcome and islet functionality. Preservation in F6H8S5 of pancreases with extended CIT gave results similar to controls with CIT 10 h for both isolated islet functionality and isolation outcome. This study of clinically obtained pancreases indicates a clear benefit of using F6H8S5 on pancreases with extended CIT as it seems to allow extended cold ischemic time without affecting islet function and islet numbers.

Original publication




Journal article


Cell Transplant

Publication Date





2269 - 2276


Adult, Aged, Dimethylpolysiloxanes, Fluorocarbons, Humans, Hypoxia, Islets of Langerhans Transplantation, Middle Aged, Organ Preservation Solutions, Pancreas