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Multiscale topology classifies cells in subcellular spatial transcriptomics.

Journal article

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No frugal innovation without frugal evaluation: the Global IDEAL Sub-Framework

Journal article

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First-in-man study of the PSMA Minibody IR800-IAB2M for molecularly targeted intraoperative fluorescence guidance during radical prostatectomy

Journal article

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Myoferlin: a potential marker of response to radiotherapy and survival in locally advanced rectal cancer

Journal article

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Fixing patient safety: Are we nearly there yet?

Journal article

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Adaptations of membrane trafficking in cancer and tumorigenesis.

Journal article

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Correction: Transit time flow measurement in arterial grafts.

Journal article

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Analysis of 3D pathology samples using weakly supervised AI.

Journal article

Song AH. et al, (2024), Cell, 187, 2502 - 2520.e17

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