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First-in-man study of the PSMA Minibody IR800-IAB2M for molecularly targeted intraoperative fluorescence guidance during radical prostatectomy

Journal article

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Engineering the future of 3D pathology.

Journal article

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A Graph Based Neural Network Approach to Immune Profiling of Multiplexed Tissue Samples.

Journal article

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Lessons from a breast cell annotation competition series for school pupils

Journal article

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Predicting Molecular Traits from Tissue Morphology Through Self-interactive Multi-instance Learning

Conference paper

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RFID analysis of the complexity of cellular pathology workflow-An opportunity for digital pathology.

Journal article

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Digital Pathology Transformation in a Supraregional Germ Cell Tumour Network.

Journal article

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Understanding the ethical and legal considerations of Digital Pathology.

Journal article

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