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The Use of Digital Pathology and Image Analysis in Clinical Trials.

Journal article

Pell R. et al, (2019), J Pathol Clin Res

Deep learning for detecting tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes in testicular germ cell tumours.

Journal article

Linder N. et al, (2019), J Clin Pathol, 72, 157 - 164

Training and accreditation standards for pathologists undertaking clinical trial work.

Journal article

Rees G. et al, (2019), J Pathol Clin Res

Partial ablation versus radical prostatectomy in intermediate-risk prostate cancer: the PART feasibility RCT.

Journal article

Hamdy FC. et al, (2018), Health Technol Assess, 22, 1 - 96

Bilateral Testicular Germ Cell Tumors: A Case-Series From a UK-Based Tertiary Referral Center Over 19 Years.

Journal article

Watson RA. et al, (2018), Clin Genitourin Cancer, 16, e513 - e516

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