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Abdominal Wall Transplantation: Indications and Outcomes

Journal article

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The impact of intestinal transplantation on quality of life.

Journal article

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Surgical Techniques for Revascularization in Abdominal Wall Transplantation.

Journal article

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Current Strategies for Reconstruction of Soft Tissue Defects of the Spine.

Journal article

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Conference paper

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5,6 DICSA (dorsal inter-compartmental septal artery) or PIA(posterior interosseous artery) flap: Terminology is important.

Journal article

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The scratch collapse test: A QUADAS-2 assessment of a systematic review.

Journal article

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The distally based posterior interosseous artery flap should be called the 5, 6 distal inter-compartmental septal artery flap.

Journal article

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The Effect of Age on Outcome in Excision of Chronic Osteomyelitis with Free Muscle Flap Reconstruction.

Journal article

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Management and outcome of acral soft-tissue sarcomas.

Journal article

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