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CD70 expression determines the therapeutic efficacy of expanded human regulatory T cells.

Journal article

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Distinct metabolic pathways mediate regulatory T cell differentiation and function.

Journal article

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Systemic silencing of PHD2 causes reversible immune regulatory dysfunction.

Journal article

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Emerging Cellular Therapies: T Cells and Beyond.

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Isolation of Human Regulatory T Lymphocytes by Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting.

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Deciphering the Contribution of γδ T Cells to Outcomes in Transplantation.

Journal article

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A Novel Mechanism of Human Regulatory T cell Function in Proinflammatory Conditions

Conference paper

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Regulatory T cells for tolerance.

Journal article

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Seronegative antibody-mediated neurology after immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Journal article

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Enhancing human regulatory T cells in vitro for cell therapy applications.

Journal article

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