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Delaying surgery for patients with a previous SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Journal article

COVIDSurg Collaborative None., (2020), Br J Surg, 107, e601 - e602

Endoscopic vacuum therapy (EVT) in the management of oesophageal perforations and post-operative leaks.

Journal article

Mastoridis S. et al, (2020), Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol, 1 - 9

Endoscopic Vacuum Therapy (EVT) for Oesophageal Perforations and Leaks: The Oxford Experience

Conference paper

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Journal article

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IL-2 therapy restores regulatory T-cell dysfunction induced by calcineurin inhibitors

Journal article

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Immunotolerance in Liver Transplantation

Journal article

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Biomarkers and immunopathology of tolerance

Journal article

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How good are surgeons at identifying appendicitis? Results from a multi-centre cohort study.

Journal article

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Novel biomarkers and functional assays to monitor cell-therapy-induced tolerance in organ transplantation.

Journal article

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A multicentre cohort study assessing day of week effect and outcome from emergency appendicectomy

Journal article

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Outcome of appendicectomy in children performed in paediatric surgery units compared with general surgery units

Journal article

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Safety of short, in-hospital delays before surgery for acute appendicitis: multicentre cohort study, systematic review, and meta-analysis.

Journal article

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