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QUANTUM Biobank will prioritise the collection, storage and distribution of tissue samples as necessary to deliver approved research programmes. The Biobank will be divided into up to five ‘modules’ operating under the same over-arching QUANTUM protocol:  

  • Prostate 
  • Urothelial 
  • Kidney 
  • Testicular and Penile 
  • ProMPT Legacy

We will collect a small amount of whole fresh blood (for germline DNA), blood derivatives and urine from each prospective biobank participant, collecting serial samples wherever possible.

QUANTUM will accept a wide range of samples and data obtained from patients in Oxford, elsewhere in the UK and internationally (including countries outside the EEA):

Sample types: 

  1. Tissue from diagnostic investigations and surgical therapies
  2. Fresh blood and blood derivatives 
  3. Part processed samples (e.g. sections for extraction of DNA & RNA). 
  4. Constructed tissue micro-arrays (TMAs)
  5. Historical samples from ProMPT Study (MREC/01/4/061) 
  6. Sample collections from completed studies where consent for future research was given.
  7. Tissue from other Biobanks where appropriate consent was given.

QUANTUM staff will also collect and record medical and pathological data for linkage to research samples.