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The Quality Reliability Safety and Teamwork Unit (QRSTU) is a combination of clinical and human factors led research and training programmes. These research and training programmes extend beyond the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences as researchers collaborate with a multidisciplinary research team from various departments at the University of Oxford, such as the Centre for Statistics in Medicine, the Department of Engineering Science, the Nuffield Department of Population Health (Health Economics Research Centre and Health Services Research Unit), the Saïd Business School, the Department for Continuing Education as well as various NHS Trusts.

The main research interests of QRSTU lie in developing and testing complex interventions in a variety of healthcare settings along with developing and validating tools to assess the outcomes. The unit is primarily interested in patient safety with a particular focus on community care, equipment usage, handover, and systems of care. We have a commitment to improving patient safety through education and have partnered with a number of organisations to do so. We have an MSc and Postgraduate Certificate in Patient Safety offered with the Department of Continuing Education, along with a number of half day to three-day courses delivered with OxStar through the Patient Safety Academy.

Please see above a film describing our previous research.