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Clare is leading the‘’multimodal pathology’’ subtheme within the Oxford BRC3 Molecular Diagnostics theme which will focus on image analysis in colorectal and prostate cancer and features packages of work including:

* Development of machine learning tissue maps in prostate cancer, in collaboration with Prof Jens Rittscher with the aim of identifying novel features predictive of outcome in large prostate cancer cohorts.

* Characterising patterns of inflammatory infiltrate in prostate cancer by image analysis and identifying associations with loss of mismatch repair gene proteins and somatic mutations by Molecular Inversion Probe (MiP) capture sequencing (utilising a novel in house prostate cancer gene panel).

There are also two 5 year spanning projects:

1) Quantitative Image Analysis in Prostate Cancer for Improved Stratification and Prognostication of Prostate Cancer Patients

2) Novel Methods for the stratification of colorectal cancer patients (Koelzer, Rittscher

This is a cross cutting theme and we will be using the expertise gained to support the vast range of clinical trials in Oxford, specifically supporting image analysis of inflammatory cell infiltrates in patients within immunotherapy trials.