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Should you feel you need to seek advice during your time here in Oxford, there are many support facilities available, both from  your college and within the department. These include:

  • Supervisor(s): Your supervisor(s) can guide you on any problem you face completing your research or direct you to the right parties on their behalf.
  • College: Colleges take responsibility of your welfare during your time at Oxford, the senior tutor and tutor for graduates are available for you to seek advice at any time.
  • University Counselling Service: The student counselling service is available for all students to seek free and confidential services at any point during their studies.
  • OUSU: Oxford University Student Union has student representatives. Your Welfare Officer, or Graduate Representative are available for you to voice your problems and opinions whilst also being able to point you in the right direction due to knowledge and past experiences.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Studies Administrator for any advice on how you can contact any of the above or for any advice concerning your studies.

More information can also be found in the 'Advice' section of the Medical Sciences Grad School's WebLearn site.