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Please take a look at the University's application guide for graduate studies in addition to our selection of FAQs below.

Do I need to be resident in Oxford during the course?

Yes, you need to be resident in Oxford. Please click here to find out more about residency requirements.

Can I choose my own College? Are there specific colleges for graduates?

There are a total of 38 colleges at Oxford, 7 of which accept graduate students only. During your application process you will have the option to give a preferred choice of college, or have no preference where you will be placed into one of the colleges after you have been accepted. Please see the College Guide for more information on all the colleges.  

Can I come as a self-funded student or with my own scholarship, studentship or grant?

Yes. You will need to provide details of the funding as part of your college condition.

Can I do paid work in Oxford whilst studying?

This may be possible within the conditions of your student visa (if applicable) and your course of study. Please see the University's guidelines on paid work for graduate students. The Oxford Careers Service provides advice and advertises opportunities for part-time work suitable for Oxford Students.

 My application was rejected last year, can I reapply?

You are welcome to reapply but it is helpful to demonstrate why your circumstances and qualifications have changed.  Please contact your prospective supervisor or course administrator before submitting a new application.