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Hear from our current and past students about life at Oxford


Thomas Koller

Class of 2014/15

MSc Integrated Immunology

Thomas Koller'I read chemistry for a bachelor’s degree at the University of Vienna.  As this course did not include any teaching in biology, I aimed to broaden my knowledge of other scientific areas by attending extracurricular biology lectures.  It was during these lectures that I first encountered the highly sophisticated biological models comprising our immune system.  I was instantly fascinated by this new world of immunology, and consequently furthered my knowledge through extracurricular research and reading. However, having studied in a German-style education system, a switch in fields, from chemistry to immunology, seemed impossible.  Luckily, I came across the Integrated Immunology MSc course at the Nuffield Department of Surgery Sciences.  This course aims to combine many areas of fundamental science and clinical medicine, to tackle immunological questions, and is aimed at students from varied backgrounds. 

Starting off as a pure chemist, with no formal Biology background, was a bit daunting, however the high quality teaching from experts in their respective fields allowed me to gain an extensive knowledge and deep understanding, and I have been very successful in all the course assessments.  Additionally, through undertaking this MSc, my future path has significantly changed.  I have been given the chance to learn about many unfamiliar and fascinating aspects of biology, immunology and medicine, which I would not have otherwise encountered.  I have also had the chance to engage with both scientists and clinicians in differing fields, with varied backgrounds.  These insights have allowed me to finally decide on the next step in my education and career, and I have taken up an offer to study graduate medicine after completing this course.  The Integrated Immunology MSc has had a life-changing influence on my future and career, and I would highly recommend it to other prospective students.'