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Students pay fees to the University and to their college. In addition to fees, students need to budget for their accommodation and living costs. Information on fees and funding is available on the University of Oxford's Fees and Funding website.


Full details of course fees can be found on the University's Fees and Funding website and the course admissions website.

Living Costs

For a detailed breakdown of expected living costs, see the University's Living costs website.

In addition you will need to cover the cost of travel to and from Oxford including the cost of returning to Oxford for the final viva voce examination if you leave Oxford after submitting your dissertation, and visa costs if applicable.

Funding your MSc

Oxford scholarships

The University of Oxford's Fees, Funding and Scholarship Search is the best place to look for funding options. Medical Sciences Graduate School funding and other Oxford scholarship schemes are very competitive, and anyone hoping to be considered must submit a complete application by the January deadline. For more information go to the Medical Sciences Division Graduate School Funding website.

UK Master's Loan

UK students studying for their first Master's degree may be eligible to receive a loan from the government to contribute towards fees or living costs. More details can be found on the University's Master's Loan page.

External funding

Information about alternative sources of funding can be found on the Fees and Funding pages.