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Jakub Kupinski

Laboratory and Facilities Manager

As the Laboratory and Facilities Manager my key role is to make sure that all laboratories on Level 6 in the main John Radcliffe Hospital are effectively managed. Here are some examples of my responsibilities:

  • Take primary responsibility for the operations and development of NDS laboratories, including the service strategy of existing equipment; all aspects of equipment testing, repair and maintenance; and the supply of sufficient consumable items.
  • Supervise and train all lab staff in the use of core equipment, and lead or advice on the development of SOPs for specialist equipment, providing final sign-off where applicable.
  • Maintain ongoing purchasing of consumables/equipment, and negotiate with suppliers to achieve the best possible price.
  • Working with NDS’s Principal Investigators and staff to ensure the laboratories are safe, well-supplied, well-maintained, and that staff, students and visitors have received appropriate training to be considered competent in the lab.
  • Manage the NDS liquid nitrogen storage facility making sure that all of the equipment is accordingly serviced and safe to use and that the emergency system is fully operational at all times.

Beyond my duties mentioned above, I am also a Fire Marshal for the Department. As the person designated for this role I provide ‘Fire Safety Talks’ for the staff on regular basis along with the Departmental Safety Officer.

I am also an active member of the Space and Infrastructure, and Health and Safety Committees.