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Surgical Grand Rounds

Professor Linda Hands talks about 'Community Leg Ulcer Clinics and Telemedicine', as part of the Surgical Grand Rounds Lecture Series.

Linda Hands

Emeritus Associate Professor of Surgery

  • Hon Consultant Surgeon

Appointed to current post in 1992 after training in London, Oxford and Chicago. Fellow of Green Templeton College. Served on Thames Valley Strategic Health Authority and on NICE. Director of Oxford Vascular Laboratory for more than 10 years. Currently Clinical Director of Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgery at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. Director of Oxford Telemedicine Institute.

1.The Inter hospital Telemedicine Study-currently underway-looking at the effect of introducing videoconferencing between patients in Horton General Hospital Emergency Dept and specialists in Oxford.

2.The Integrated Care Platform Study looking at distant diagnosis and management of leg ulcers in the community with input from Oxford based specialists.

3.The Future Ward round-use of electronic data to facilitate patient care

4.Changes in cytokines and coagulation as blood perfuses the ischaemic limb.



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