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Neil Mortensen

MA, MBChB, MD, FRCS Eng, Hon FRCPS Glas, Hon FRCS Ed

Emeritus Professor of Colorectal Surgery

  • Honorary Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Neil Mortensen is Emeritus Professor of Colorectal Surgery in the University of Oxford Medical School and has been on the staff of the Oxford University Hospitals since 1987. He is Fellow of Green Templeton College.

He trained in Birmingham, Bristol and St Mark’s Hospital and has clinical and research interests in a wide range of colorectal diseases. He has published over 300 original papers, 30 book chapters and has edited 8 books. He is Past Chair of the British Journal of Surgery Society, President of the Ileostomy Association, and has been Past President of the Association of Coloproctology GBI and the Coloproctology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine.

He has given a number of named lectures including Arris and Gale, Goligher, Sir Alan Parks, Honeyman-Gillespie and Bryan Brooke (UK); Duran Smith, Harry Bacon, Charles Buie, Greenstein and Frykman-Goldberg (USA); Edward Wilson Memorial and CSSANZ Oration (Australia), Gimbernat prize (Spain); Fritz de Quervain (Swiss), Gerhard Buess Memorial Lecture (Norway)

Since his appointment in Oxford he campaigned for the recognition of colorectal surgery as a specialty and created the present department.

He founded the first patient association for those with ileoanal pouches the Kangaroo Club, and in 2004 the charity OCCTOPUS – Oxford Colon Cancer Trust which supports education, research  and new technology in colorectal diseases.

He became a member of the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2013.


  • Colonic Perfusion studies using ICG and tuned laparosocopes for anastomotic assessment and leak prevention.
  • Lymph node mapping with ICG and sentinel node sampling for real time node assessment using OSNA.
  • National Study of Colorectal Bleeding NHSBT and BDRF.


  • Professor with personal chair since 2000.
  • Chief Surgical Examiner in Final MB.