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Richard Menzies-Wilson

Richard Menzies-Wilson


Doctoral Student

I am a Urological Surgical Registrar in Oxford currently undertaking a Doctorate with Ben Turney. I was an undergraduate at the University College London (UCL). I was in the founding team and Medical Advisor for ‘LabGenius’, a biotechnology start-up company, where I contributed towards winning numerous ‘Innovate UK’ Research Grants and Venture-Capital funding.

My clinical and research interest is in improving the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of kidney stones and benign prostatic enlargement. I am currently undertaking a Doctorate, supervised by Ben Turney and sponsored by Boston Scientific, focused on the design and evaluation of new endourological surgical technology to treat kidney stones. 

Kidney stone disease is a major clinical and economic health burden, affecting ~20% of men and ~10% of women by 70 years of age. ‘Ureteroscopy’ operations are the mainstay of treatment for kidney stones, but the operation often fails to remove all the kidney stone debris. My doctoral research aims to optimise the flow of irrigation fluid during ‘ureteroscopy’ operations to improve kidney stone clearance and reduce the surgical risks.

Recent Publications

'Case of the Month’ from Oxford University Hospitals, Oxford, UK: ketamine uropathy with metallic stents and obstructing calculus

Agnes Hamilton-Baillie, Francesca Lewis, Richard Menzies-Wilson, Richard Bryant, Ben Turney

BJU International. 2022 May


Serious incidents in testicular torsion management in England, 2007‐2019: Optimising individual and training factors are the key to improved outcomes

Richard Menzies-Wilson, Samuel S. Folkard, Nick Sevdalis, James Green

BJU International. 2021 Mar


Percutaneous nephrostomy in obstructing pelvic malignancy does not facilitate further oncological treatment

Mr Srijit Banerjee, Richard Menzies-Wilson, Joe Reason, Samuel S. Folkard, James Green

International Urology and Nephrology. 2020 Sep