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Sophia M. Abusamra

DPhil Student

  • Clarendon Scholar

I am a second year DPhil candidate and Clarendon Scholar within the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS). I am originally from Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA. I am a part of the Bone Oncology Group (NDORMS/NDS), Oxford Prostate Cancer Biology Group (NDS), and Davis Group (Dept. of Chemistry).  Furthermore, I am co-supervised by Claire Edwards (NDS/NDORMS), Alastair Lamb (NDS), Jason Davis (Dept. of Chemistry), Ian Mills (NDS), and Todd M. Morgan (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). My research centers around prostate cancer metastasis and novel circulating tumour cell isolation methodology.

My broad research areas of interest include cancer biomarkers, circulating tumour cells, cancer genetics, and prostate cancer.

I graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in May of 2022 with my Bachelor of Science degree with a dual major in Neuroscience and Psychology. While at the University of Michigan, I was a 2022 Rhodes Nominee, inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, selected as a 2022 Neuroscience Commencement Speaker, was a Graduate of Highest Distinction, and a 7 term James B. Angell Scholar with University Honors.  Furthermore, I conducted research on prostate cancer in the Morgan Research Lab at the Rogel Cancer Center, performing gene expression analysis of circulating tumor cells to investigate prostate cancer progression.


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The Integrated On-chip Isolation and Detection of Circulating Tumour Cells

Sophia Marie Abusamra, Robert Barber, Mohamed Sharafeldin, Claire M. Edwards and Jason J Davis

Sensors & Diagnostics March 2024

Satisfaction With Clinician-Led Germline Genetic Counseling in Patients With Prostate Cancer

Sophia M. Abusamra, Marissa A. Solorzano, ... Zachery R. Reichert, and Todd M. Morgan

The Journal of Urology 208(5):1007-1017 Nov 2022

Multigene Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) for Prognostic Assessment in Treatment-Naïve Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer (mHSPC)

Reichert, Z.R.; Kasputis, T.; Nallandhighal, S.; Abusamra, ... Morgan, T. M.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23(1):4 Dec 2021