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John Radcliffe Hospital, Level 6, Headley Way, Headington, Oxford, OX3 9DU


I received an award under the University's Reward and Recognition Scheme for my hard work implementing vital changes and new processes into the Finance Office during 2018.


  • Emergency First Aider

Valerie Parke


Finance Officer

My skills in business administration, general clinical practice and working previously as a Trial Administrator/Assistant Medical Secretary Neurosciences and Study Administrator at NDS provide a unique understanding of the role as Finance Officer. 

My role encompasses a wide range of admin accounting activities. I am responsible for reviewing and processing invoices. This involves adhering to the strict guidelines of the UK/EU Government VAT codes and quotations, checking that the appropriate purchase orders have been raised with the correct VAT and contacting staff for financial paperwork required by the office (esp. delivery notes) by email, telephone and in person to address queries and to make appropriate corrections.

Most importantly maintenance of all financial records in a regular and timely manner; resolving problems where an immediate solution may not be apparent relating to payments with the suppliers and ensuring that all invoices on hold are properly closed by the financial year end.

In retrospect there is always something new to learn in the department and the feeling of satisfaction with the additions of new projects and research activities.