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The divisional and departmental mentoring schemes are a unique opportunity for staff and graduate students to be matched with a more senior and experienced individual to gain careers advice, support and guidance.

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Divisional Mentoring Scheme

The Divisional Mentoring Scheme, run by the Medical Sciences Division, involves the formation of peer mentoring circles, which will meet with a senior mentor four times a year. The aim is to support the development of postdoctoral and early career researchers across the Division by:

  • Encouraging self-reflection
  • Increasing networking opportunities through peer circles
  • Providing access to mentors outside of the researcher’s home department.

Mentoring is focused on long-term career development; for example, planning for the next stage for those on fixed-term contracts. However, mentees are encouraged to consider all areas of their lives and if a mentee's request focuses on a particular area, such as balancing childcare, we will attempt to facilitate this in our selection of peer circles.

For more information, please go to

Departmental Mentoring Scheme

RECOGNISE is an inter-departmental mentoring scheme run in partnership with the Department of Oncology. Available for all staff and third year DPhil students, mentoring is a voluntary arrangement through which an experienced individual, outside the normal working relationship, holds regular meetings and discussions and takes a personal interest in guiding and supporting the development of a less experienced person in progression within and beyond their immediate role.

All staff and students with 12 months' experience within their role or who have at least 6 months remaining on their contract are eligible to register as mentees. All staff with at least 12 months' experience in NDS or the University of Oxford have the opportunity to register to be a mentor.

Staff can learn more about RECOGNISE and register as a mentor/mentee on the staff gateway mentoring page.

Download the NDS Mentoring Scheme Handbook.

If you are interested in joining either of the schemes as a mentor or mentee, please contact the mentoring team at