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These members of staff work part-time to accommodate their studies or caring responsibilities. Read how they successfully make use of the flexible working arrangements within the department.

Timothy Eden

Timothy EdenTim studied at King’s College London for his MPhil in Ancient History, as well as worked within the Business Administration Unit. Working flexibly allowed him to attend the obligatory courses, as well as work within one of the most customer-facing roles of the department – purchasing items for the whole of NDS.

'Working flexibly within NDS whilst studying was not something I thought was on the cards - until I asked. I was amazed that a programme, aiming to help maintain a good work-to-life balance within the University, allowed (and indeed actively promoted) administration staff to partake in it. It has changed my academic life; it is amazing what a few extra hours during the 9-5 day can do to change your studies. Time and time again, my colleagues give me not only the material assistance, but also the emotional assistance for me to complete my degree. There is nothing like Purchase-to-Pay finance to bring you out of a student reverie of musty books and translations, and I ascribe my current successes in these fields to the assistance given to me by NDS.'

Bhumika Patel

Bhumika Patel© NDSBhumika studyied for an Adult Nursing MSc in parallel with her part-time position as Senior COPE Biobank Coordinator. She worked flexible hours which allowed her to attend her classes and placements. As there was a different timetable for each semester and she had to choose her shifts for the placements, Bhumika allocated which hours she worked. This flexible working arrangement enabled Bhumika to finance her studies without missing classes or university commitments.

'Being able to work whilst attending my course has enabled me to carry on my current career whilst establishing a new career and qualification. It has facilitated me to work part-time with flexible hours as my course varies each semester.

'It has been challenging finding a work/study balance, as the course can be demanding with assignments and placements overlapping. However, my colleagues have been incredibly understanding and helpful. If I find that I need help at work I am given the assistance and time to complete my responsibilities, which allows me to manage my work load effectively and productively. I feel I am lucky to be part of a very supportive team.'

Liz Gresham

Liz GreshamLiz is an Administrative Assistant for the Quality in Organ Donation (QUOD) initiative. Her post was initially planned as full-time, however, NDS and QUOD were able to accommodate her wish to work part-time due to child-care responsibilities. Liz chooses to work fixed hours as her day-care arrangements are fixed.

‘I am really pleased that NDS and QUOD were able to accommodate my request to work part-time. It’s really important to me to be able to balance work and childcare,’ said Liz. ‘I currently leave early three days each week to pick my daughter up from school, which allows me to take her to swimming lessons and Rainbows as well as spend some time together.

‘So far, working part-time has worked really well for me. My colleagues have been supportive and happy to ensure that meetings, etc. happen in my working hours.’