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The Surgical Teaching Committee meet four times a year to review, update and maintain the highest standards in Surgical Teaching and consists of a Consultant representative from each specialty and student representatives from each year group.

Men and women around a table


Professor Ashok Handa


Asha Adwani (Breast), Simon Brewster (Urology),  James Gilbert (Transplant), Simon Knight (Transplant), Bruno Sgromo (Oesophagogastric), Kim Gorissen (SEU), Greg Thomas (Plastics), Peter Kalu (Plastics), PJ Howard (Vascular), Stephen Boyce (Colorectal), Mark Bignell (Colorectal), Radu Mihai (Endocrine), Srikanth Reddy (HPB), Gijs van Boxel (SEU), Ed Sideso (Vascular), Gael Maclean (Breast)

Phillip Burgess (Swindon), Simon Middleton (Reading), Rame Sunthareswaren (Buckinghamshire)

Katie Hurst, Conrad Harrison

Year 6 Student Representatives: Christopher Horton and Jessica Neilan

Year 5 Student Representatives: Matthew Williams and Susan Honeyman

Year 4 Student Representatives: tbc