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The essential elements of the Year 4 Course

Students at a table

Before or at the start of your surgical block

  • you should have already contacted your surgical tutor
  • you should watch the training films on Weblearn for gowning, gloving, scrubbing, infection control and theatre etiquette
  • you should take a look at the examination technique clips
  • you should check your allocated shifts on the Surgical Emergency Unit

During your surgical block

You should attend the following teaching:

  • Introductory session on Day One
  • One half day session on Evidence Based Surgical Practice
  • One half day session on oncology
  • One or more Oncology MDT sessions
  • Attend surgical Grand Rounds at 8:00am on Fridays

At the end of your surgical block

You should complete and hand in the following paperwork by the Friday following the end of your attachment (you cannot be included on the pass list unless these are handed in):

  • Course Report Form (signed by your tutor and supervising consultants from both specialties)
  • Case Study - guidelines can be found by following the link and your work uploaded to Weblearn via the assignments tool.

During your 4th year surgery/medicine/DGH/SSM Block

You should attend the following:

  • Topics in Surgery & Medicine Lecture course including radiology teaching (Friday afternoons at 12.30pm when in Oxford)
  • Cross Curricular Sessions which will include surgical practical skills - details will be sent out from the Medical School.

At the end of the 4th year course

You must attend the following:

  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (summative)
  • Single Best Answer Question Paper (formative).

During your 3rd year clinical course

Please contact the Surgical Tutor's Office if you need any assistance, support or further information on the surgical course.

There are student representatives on the Surgical Teaching Committee - they are there to represent your views so please contact them with feedback and questions.