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Two women in scrubs and masks washing their hands

link to weblearn

All of the course documents and information can be found on the Surgery Teaching pages in WebLearn

Theatre Etiquette

Training videos designed to give an overview of theatre etiquette, scrubbing, gowning and Infection control. You should view these prior to entering the operating theatre.

Medical & Surgical Examination Techniques

Training videos demonstrating basic examination techniques to assist with your 4th and 6th year studies. These are designed to be viewed as a revision tool to enhance your skills gained in clinics and on the wards.

Surgical Trainee Web Video Competition

Entries for a competition held in January 2013 to produce videos covering core surgical topics are available.

Student BMJ Articles

Links to the Surgical Emergency series of articles on:

Acute Abdominal Pain 1

Acute Abdominal Pain 2

Acute Limb Ischaemia

Acute Urological Emergency

Ear, Nose and Throat

Emergency Management of Head Injuries

Multiply injured patients

Post operative emergencies

Student Case Studies

The library contains case studies submitted by previous year groups and scoring 9/10 or above.

Case Study Archive

Case studies written by medical students prior to 2009.

book list

Recommended reading for the clinical course.