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Two gloved hands, one over the other, next to surgical tools

Link to weblearn

All of the course documents and information can be found on the Surgery Teaching pages in WebLearn

Learner Agreement

A summary of student and specialty expectations from the surgical course written in collaboration with students and specialty tutors 

Keeping in Touch

Email is the primary method of communication about all course information and students are expected to check their email at least once a day during their course attachments


These can be signed out from the Clinical Tutor's Office on level 6. They must be looked after and returned.

Absence from the course

If you are unwell, please notify the Course Administrator as soon as possible.  We will ensure that your tutor and specialty are notified of your absence 

Dress code

Professional dress is required for attendance on the surgical course.  You will be in constant contact with patients and their families, your clothing and appearance should be suitable. The full dress code can be found in your Medical School Handbook which can be obtained from the Medical School or on Weblearn. Consultants may refuse access to patients if you are considered to be inappropriately dressed.