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‘Same stuff but in a different way’ and 'Sepsis - old themes, new developments'

The first talk will be ‘Same stuff but in a different way’ delivered by Ms Lisa Butcher, Dr Nicola Jones and Dr George Hadjipavlou. 

The second session will be entitled 'Sepsis - old themes, new developments' and will be presented by Dr Andrew Brent and Dr Andrew Kwok. 


Ms Lisa Butcher is the Lead Nurse and Manager for Infection Prevention and Control for Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She finds IPC an exciting and challenging speciality and is keen to raise the profile of IPC and for it to be seen as a support service rather than a ‘policing’ service. Her particular interest is Surgical Site Infection and she is enthusiastic about working with clinical areas to develop surveillance mechanisms and to prevent patients from acquiring infections following surgery or interventional procedures.

Dr Nicola Jones is a Consultant in Infectious Diseases at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr George Hadjipavlou is a Consultant Anaesthetist and qualified Statistician. He has a great interest in creating tools to improve the delivery of healthcare such as improving efficiency, as well as improving our understanding of neuroscience and neurocritical care.

Dr Andrew Brent is OUH Clinical Lead for Infectious Diseases, and Sepsis Lead for the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and for the Oxford Academic Health Sciences Network. His research interests include the epidemiology and diagnosis of invasive bacterial infections.​

Dr Andrew Kwok is studying for a DPhil in Clinical Medicine.


Chair: Professor Ashok Handa

All members of the University and NHS clinical staff are welcome.