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'Identification and treatment of the sequelae from treatment of cancer of the pelvic organs'

 Professor Soren Laurberg

Søren Laurberg is a clinical professor at Aarhus University dedicated to late adverse effects beyond cancer. 

During his training as a surgeon, he developed a special interest in functional problems of the bowel. With a grant from Aarhus University, he worked as a research fellow at the famous and pioneering institution for bowel dysfunction (Sir Allan Park´s Ano-rectal Physiology Unit at St Mark´s Hospital, London). Following this visit, he founded and was Head of the Ano-rectal Physiology Unit in Aarhus while he finished his training to become a consultant in Aarhus. Ever since, his main research interest has been in functional problems to colorectal disease and in the last 10 years with a special focus on functional problems following treatment of bowel cancer. He was the initiator of a multidisciplinary pelvic floor unit at Aarhus University Hospital and creation of a multidisciplinary clinic for the treatment of pelvic organ sequelae.

Chair: Mr Ian Lindsey

All members of the University and NHS clinical staff are welcome.


Please email Louise King ( if you would like to attend.