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A case study from ARTICULATE PRO, written by Monica Dolton and Associate Professor Clare Verrill, on how to build healthcare workers' confidence in artificial intelligence (AI) has recently been published by NHS England.

Associate Professor Clare Verrill and colleague using the AI pathology software
Associate Professor Clare Verrill and colleague using the AI pathology software

The case study "Establishing Healthcare Workers’ Confidence in AI" was written as part of a NHS AI Lab follow up project, after the publication of its own report “Developing healthcare workers’ confidence in AI Report, October 2022”. This explores how confidence in AI among healthcare workers can be developed through education and training.

Published on the new Government AI and Digital Regulations Service (AIDRS) website, this case study demonstrates the approach taken in the Articulate Pro Study.

ARTICULATE PRO, a 30-month project at the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, aims to evaluate the deployment of AI in the prostate cancer pathway by using an AI-based clinical decision support software, to assist pathologists when reading prostate biopsies in live clinical workflows. The project team provided training and education in AI software use, and knowledge sharing and validation activities to various staff groups, which enabled the right people to upskill and enabled the successful implementation of the AI software in the clinical pathway at three clinical sites. It is hoped that by including examples of activities conducted during the project, the case study will provide valuable insights into individual experiences.