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During 2020, the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS) Education Team launched a new one-day course, Basics for Medical Education Course (BMEC), as an introduction to teaching and education in the workplace.

Participants gaining practical tips on teaching whilst at work from an experienced faculty of surgical educator  during the Basics for Medical Education Course.

This one-day course is very hands-on, including three sessions where the attendees undertake teaching. In addition, they gain practical tips on teaching whilst at work from an experienced faculty of surgical educators.

Ashok Handa, Director of Teaching in Surgery, said: "We have had a long tradition in the NDS of recruiting, training and developing surgical educators, this is just another offering to build our community of surgeons who are also educators". He went on to say: "I am so grateful to all our NHS and University colleagues who give up their time to come and teach on this course".

The latest course on 2 October had nine participants and eight faculty members with a high faculty to participant ratio. Numbers are currently restricted to 10 per course due to COVID-19 and the course will run once a term.

Feedback comments from participants included the following: 

"The set-up of the day as a whole is really logical as it flows from more theoretical in the morning with verbal micro teaching, towards very practical with the teaching of a skill and giving feedback as the main point in the afternoon".
"Very interactive with diverse speakers". 
"A mix of engaging teachers with relatively short time slots. I did not zone out at all". 

Naomi Warner, Co-Director of the course and Senior Surgical Trainee, said: "I am so pleased that we have been able to recommence this type of face to face education as we constantly need to build our community of surgical educators, and our students also benefit enormously from the trainees who attend this course".

Participants taking part in a hands-on session during the Basics for Medical Education Course.